Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween at the Playboy Mansion

So I got the opportunity to head to the Playboy Mansion for the official 2013 Halloween party. I decided to go as "Heisenboyd' from BREAKING BAD, complete with my stolen infant daughter.

Enjoy some of the delights.

< The front entry of the Mansion.

< The outside garden area is completely enclosed, and becomes a huge nightclub.  DJ Scribble was the DJ.

< More dance floor.

< Totally buff Paris Hilton doing Miley, while showing off her leg work.

< The Hornitos girls doing bad things.

< Sponsor, Hornitos, set up a green screen photo booth.  Holly waves hello.

< The world famous grotto entrance.  Enter here at your own risk.

< The graveyard walkway leading into the estate.

< Freddy and me.

< Heisenboyd surveys the scene.  Grotto waterfall in b.g.

< Deadmau5 dancer with priest looking on.

< I'm the cook.  Say my name.

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  1. Very cool. Always wanted to make it to a mansion party.